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  • 16th April 2013
  • 10:12am



“I really like the fact that the Firefly toothbrush lights up and stops when it’s time to switch sides.”

“Getting him to brush was much, much easier!”

“Love, love, love the suction cup on the bottom to stand it up.  No more disgusting toothbrush holder on the counter!”

- Jayna Denbow, Behind the Studio


“Being a dentist who treats many children on a weekly basis, I know how important a healthy, clean mouth is!”

“Go our and buy the Firefly toothpaste/toothbrush and encourage your child to have great dental hygiene.  Keep teeth clean by starting brushing habits early.  A beautiful smile goes a long way!”

- Melissa Pezza, The Mommyhood Chronicles 


“The Firefly toothbrush is perfect for Ellie!  When she pressed the button, she knows that she needs to brush until the red light stops flashing.  No more asking Mommy, “Are they clean yet?”

- Sara Merritt, The Football Wife


“When I looked at the other toothpaste options, I knew there was no comparison!  Firefly hit the nail on the head about what would get my boys excited!”

“Nothing really stood out and screamed “I can get your boys attention!!!”…until I saw the Firefly toothbrushes.”

- Jeanette Fender, Adventure of J-Man and Miller Bug


I am so happy that my daughter’s hygienist recommended the Firefly toothbrush. She was having a very difficult time with brushing and started to get cavities. Once we switched her to this brush her habits improved now she will brush morning and night. I would highly recommend this for all parents who cannot get their toddlers to brush.

- Daddy Bryon, Austin, TX


As a child,  I would have loved having a built in timer on my toothbrush!  Besides the timer,  they also come in different colors,  and your child’s favorite characters!

-Lawna Noe, Mizz Mommy reviews

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